15 May 2016

Asociacion pro Democracia Participativa

Asociacion pro Democracia Participativa

Little by little, I'll remake the blog to do it more attractive. One of my herited tips is that due to be the society where I've lived  hermetic, and where nothing is what it appears to be, I didnt pay many attention to details, as a way to seduce someone else. I don't like baroquism, neither such kind of speeches who dont go anywere. While taking a bath, I was listening at National Radio Broadcast. I always do observe, relate,think about it and deduce. Of course I know uncertainty and the difficult problem of knowledge. I dont fear to live with it. When I speak about the country where I was born ( Spain ), I speak about events from my life experience. I dont like to imagine I am in an artificial paradise. But I observe Spaniards like to mistake reality with their wishes. I interpret this as a defense mechanism, who doesn't change things, neither solve personal or social problems, and reinforce 'the system' ( those in power ).

Everything in Spain fly in that direction. So, in spite of terrible corruption looting tha country, the system keeps itself strong.

Somehow we have to  change this.

Have a good day.   

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